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A bill of sale is a legal made by a seller to a purchaser. It is a written document that evidences
transfer of title of personal property from the seller to the
buyer. The bill of sale verifies that your are the legal owner of the property
being sold. Printable bill of sale

Blank Bill of Sale Form

The bill of sale serves as a legal sales receipt. A bill of sale provides the proof that the buyer has paid for the property and is entitled to its ownership. As well, in some cases, it may be required as a condition to transferring title. A seller should retain proof of when, to whom, and for how much the vehicle was sold for. The bill of sale verifies this information. Print out bill of sale

Sample Bill of Sale Template

In Consideration of $5000.00
Paid in cash, receipt of which is acknowledged.
The undersigned has (have) sold and hereby transfers and conveys
the following described motor vehicles to:
Name or purchaser: John Doe Buckskin
Make: Doodle Whopper
Model: Doodle Bug
Serial/VIN#: W658798765431XYZ
The undersigned conveys that John Doe Buckskin (He/she/they) is
(are) the lawful owner(s) of same, with a good right to sell and that
there is no lien or encumbrance thereon.
The undersigned will warrant and defend title to said vehicle against
the lawful claims of all persons as to the holders of the lien named.
Dated and Signed in: County, State
This, the day of , 20 Seller
Use this Handi-Helper bill of Sale form for your convenience.
This simplified Bill Sale form
is a receipt designed to help make purchasing a vehicle from
a private individual a more simple and convenient process
for you. Legal forms need to be acquired from your auto
dealer, bank or financial institution with a notarized signature
for a more formal bill of sale.
* All Vehicles Pre-Owned Unless Otherwise Noted*

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